Whether you are new to traveling or seeking some fresh inspiration to tour the world, the thought of visiting a picturesque island is always close to your heart. You have probably even thought about Aruba a few times but aren’t sure what to expect from the multitude of beaches there.

Well, you have landed in the right place to explore all you need to know before booking a trip to Aruban beaches.

That said, when you think about visiting or living in Aruba, imagine a life surrounded by a diverse culture, rich history, eclectic cuisines, and thrilling festivities, not to mention domineering white-sanded beaches and clear, warm waters.

Mainly a Dutch-speaking Island, Aruba also favors Papiamentu, English, and Spanish speakers by and large. That makes it an ethnically mixed island with lots of heritage diversity. Thus, blending in with Aruba becomes less strenuous for the visitors.

Boasting 40 amusing beaches, Aruba sits on the southern part of the Caribbean Sea comprising the Lesser Antilles islands. It is located some 18 miles from Venezuela, and together with Bonaire and Curacao, they form a group of islands popularly known as the ABC islands of the Leeward Antilles.

Although not your typical tropical island paradise, Aruba still makes for a special paradise in many aspects. Among other reasons, Aruba is a darling to global tourists thanks to its sandy beaches, rugged coastline, and alluring interior desert environment.

White sand comprising mostly coral and shell keep the glamorous beaches cool all day long and hence perfect to walk on barefoot without itchy burns. Whether you are after relaxation, adventure, or exotic pleasure, you will find beaches in Aruba a one-of-a-kind travel experience.

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So, of the multitude of stunning beaches in Aruba, which are the top 7 best ones to feature in your itinerary?

Here they come and include:

  • Palm Beach
  • Boca Catalina
  • Eagle Beach
  • Arashi Beach
  • Baby Beach
  • Surfside Beach
  • Rodger’s Beach

1. Palm Beach

Looking for a pristine beach experience? Look no further than Palm Beach. Occupying the western side of Aruba island, Palm Beach comes highly recommended for a range of activities thanks to its calm waters and white sands.

The name “Palm” stems from the glamorous accents of palm trees that are not only inviting but also perfectly complement the luxurious feeling of high-rise hotels, casinos, shops, beach bars, and restaurants defining the beach.

Thanks to the calm beach waters, both couples and families find Palm Beach the ideal haven for water sports, swimming, and snorkeling. Being one of the most popular and frequented beaches in Aruba, Palm Beach essentially represents the heart of the action in this Caribbean paradise.

From exhilarating paragliding and skiing to comforting boat rides, Palm Beach boasts the perfect recipe for a coastal adventure. What’s more, after a mad adrenaline rush in the waters, the beach offers a tranquil relaxation thanks to the spa facilities at your disposal. And as your massage rolls on, a sparkly cocktail is within your reach at a nearby bar to refresh your beach experience.

With this cycle of luxury, your day at Palm Beach is never in a rush to end.

Additionally, away from water and wetness, Palm Beach also offers one of the most soothing environments to quietly meditate or stroll along the Caribbean coast. The dawn is crisp and the sunset is magnificent enough to form the fondest vacation memories.

After the day closes, another round of bliss begins at Palm Beach thanks to vigorous nightlife. From candle-lit beach dinners, casino gaming, clubbing, and bowling, to exciting mall shopping, the intoxicating beach never runs of out thrill.

2. Boca Catalina

Set right next to Malmok Beach and just a short drive from the resorts of Palm Beach, Boca Catalina is a quaint beach famous for its snorkeling opportunities. 

Snorkelers can spot various tropical fish, starfish, as well as turtles. Another popular activity at this beach is swimming. Thanks to the shallow waters and easy access, Boca Catalina is also suitable for families with children.

Even though this is a rather tranquil beach, it can get busy during the weekends both with tourists and locals. So make sure you plan ahead if you wish to have Boca Catalina just to yourself.

Facilities include palapas to protect you from the sun. There is also a large parking lot from which you access the coast. However, note that there are no bars or restaurants, so we recommend bringing your own food and drinks if you’re planning to spend an afternoon there.

You can also stop by the nearby California Lighthouse which provides great views of the area on your way home.

3. Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach is the epitome of a relaxing beach experience or the perfect beach getaway destination. Not only that, but it is also the widest beach in Aruba lying on the western side of the island. The beach draws tons of visitors owing to its pristine white sands, gorgeous ocean views, shaded spaces, beach huts, water sports, and ample parking.

Generally, Eagle Beach is less crowded than Palm Beach and hence an idyllic setting for personalized family and couple beach experiences. It is also a lot quieter to heighten delightful outdoor relaxation.

That said, the world-famous fofoti trees of Aruba are the signature highlight in capturing memorably interesting photos at Eagle Beach. For the best pose, you can either align with the Caribbean direction of the trees’ silhouette or chill under the crisp, cool shade adorned in white sand. Either way, the ecstatic company of a fofoti tree never gets old, whether on paper or in reality.

Other attention-grabbing accents dotting the beach are coconut palms, sea grapes, thatched cottages, restaurants, and low-rise apartment buildings, all of which add spice to Eagle Beach’s splendor. While some nearby restaurants provide lounges and cabanas to their guests, plenty of palapas are up for grabs to the public along the sandy beach.

If you would like to be part of the beach mingling with the locals of Aruba, plan your trip to the island during Easter week. You will be in for a lifetime treat as the local families camp on the beach during this time annually. Moreover, boasting a good number of turtle nests in Aruba, you may just stumble upon turtle hatchlings if you get lucky.

Although an idyllic relaxation haven, Eagle Beach also makes for ideal swimming and snorkeling Caribbean destination.

4. Arashi Beach

Sitting on the secluded northwestern part of Aruba island, Arashi Beach is popular for snorkeling thanks to its abundant underwater life and calm waters. It is also a favorite for family adventures owing to its tranquility, soft sand, and a host of water activities such as scuba diving, windsurfing, swimming, deep-sea fishing, and sailing. For a great beach day outdoors, sunbathing is also on the menu!

Lying along the route to the California Lighthouse, the family-friendly white sand beach comes complete with beach huts, a refreshing bar, and generous parking space. Other fun-enhancing beach facilities include lounge chair rentals, showers, and occasional live music at the bar for a wholesome family experience amidst Aruba locals.

As you sun-bathe or relax on the quiet beach, sunsets are amazing to watch and blue ponds a splendor to behold. More so, the beach comfortably accommodates both surf swimmers and bodyboarders to heighten the beach fun. Even so, palapas are quite scanty and hence if you are a staying guest, you might want to bring your own umbrella for shade.

Beneath the crystal clear calm waters of Arashi Beach, there is plenty of marine life to explore from colorful fish to enchanting sea turtles. That said, snorkeling is best enjoyed on the left side of the beach whereas the right side is the most suitable spot for bodyboarders and swimmers.

5. Baby Beach

From the sound of the name, you can already tell Baby Beach is 100% family-friendly. Neatly situated on the southern end of Aruba Island, Baby Beach boasts calm, shallow, and crystal clear waters perfect for kids’ activities. Young swimmers’ safety is guaranteed thanks to little to no waves on this beach.

Invitingly housed within a crescent-shaped lagoon, Baby Beach easily piques interest. The lagoon is responsible for keeping the Caribbean’s waves at bay while allowing young revelers to have a field day uninterrupted.

For underwater lovers, Baby Beach comes with a designated snorkeling area at the point where the bay meets the ocean. However, snorkelers are advised to remain within the marked snorkel area for safety reasons.

To bring your family closer to Aruba locals, Baby Beach features a refreshment stand that doubles up as a perfect mingling spot. As you learn a new culture, you can as well grab a smoking hot dog or hamburger at the stand. In case your appetite demands more, Big Mama’s Grill is nearby offering BBQs and sumptuous seafood platters.

For wholesome beach fun, you can easily rent snorkel gear, windscreens, and beach beds at the beach. However, accessing shade is free thanks to the various huts lining the shore. Additionally, a local dive shop beckons in the vicinity for dive gear and other accessories on rental.

6. Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach is located on the western side of Aruba island and is a favorite chill spot among local families. Thus, if you fancy local beach interaction, this is the spot to visit on your next trip to Aruba.

Situated very close to the airport, Surfside Beach makes for the perfect stop-over before heading to the airport. This allows you and your family to grab a quick refreshing drink or a snack bite, which would otherwise cost you more at the airport. The beach also offers generous parking and spectacular ocean views for that one last adventure as you transit through.

Surfside Beach is less crowded yet with endless fun activities and amenities to enjoy. The shallow and flat waters make strolling along the Caribbean Sea the experience to yearn for. If you are not in the mood for activity, the beach provides plenty of cool shades to help you relax thanks to the local Kwihi trees.

After a cool afternoon rest, catch a jaw-dropping sunset as you observe cruise ships and local fishermen stroll by you. When your energy finally resurfaces, you can think of picnics under the beautiful trees as the calm waters ooze endless tranquility. If you are ready to interact with the inviting water, canoeing and standup paddle boarding are right there next to you.

What’s more, if your energy allows you to take an off-beach walk, Linear Park nestled in the famously historic downtown Oranjestad is close by. For meals and refreshments, Surfside Beach is endowed with several restaurants and bars suitable for families.

Moreover, the beach also boasts plenty of soft sand for the perfect sun-bathing bliss right after an uplifting swim. Additionally, rental beach beds and lounge chairs, as well as a floating park, are available for children.

7. Rodger’s Beach

Located in the southern part of Aruba island and west of Baby Beach, Rodger’s Beach is one of the most tranquil beaches in Aruba, ideal for a quiet retreat. Although a public beach, the feeling you are sure to get here is that of a secluded private beach, thanks to the remarkably scenic environment.

Rodger’s Beach is idyllically characterized by a narrow strip prominent with soft white sand and calm waters. To brighten the authentic aesthetics of the beach, colorful fishing boats belonging to local fishermen are the signature highlight. The fishermen prefer anchoring their boats here owing to the calm bay waters.

The best time for a quiet experience on Rodger’s Beach is during weekdays. In fact, a typical weekday is quiet enough to bring a good book along. Also, the quiet scenes mean more access to crystal clear Caribbean waters to indulge your aquatic side.

If you want to catch local families doing their thing, hit Rodger’s Beach on weekends. Even with the presence of the locals, it still offers a quieter alternative to Baby Beach and Palm Beach. Furthermore, you can explore more beach fun aided by the local dive shop providing gear rentals for snorkel and dive lovers, not to mention a restaurant for local food samplers.

Why visit Aruba?

Aruba continues to rank as a remarkable Caribbean destination thanks to the endless gems tucked inside the island. As a matter of fact, you might even term it an island paradise, not only for the breathtaking coastline but also the fine, favorable weather.

Aruba is the only island south of the Caribbean consistently registering the least amount of rainfall. It also experiences tranquil trade winds to provide a refreshing cooling breeze amidst the almost desert-like heat. Moreover, Aruba island safely lies outside the hurricane belt, promising reliably conducive weather yearlong for visitors.

Boasting expansive stretches of white sand and clear, warm waters, Aruba has no shortage of fun-filled days. The scenic beauty is gracefully complemented by exquisite culinary delights second to no other Caribbean island. More so, the locals are extremely friendly, eager, and ready to usher you into their wonderful world.

When you get to interact with the rich local culture of Aruba, you will learn that it’s indeed “One Happy Island!” Couple that experience with a wild exploration of the island’s natural beauty, relaxation options, sporting thrills, and entertainment galore for a holistic beach tour of a lifetime.

With that in mind, it is time to visit Aruba and see for yourself all the island’s gems you could be missing out on. Go on now, and start booking your trip to Aruba!


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