Aruba is known as “one happy island” and is one of the most stunning places to visit in the Caribbean. One of the best ways to explore this little piece of paradise is with an organized tour. Aruba is a top destination with much more than idyllic beaches and all-inclusive resorts.

While Aruba may be small, it is busting with things to see and do. Take a tour and go wreck diving, swim in natural pools, explore towering sand dunes, a four-wheel drive in its cactus-strewn interior, go on a horseback ride, or enjoy a cultural tour. There are many reasons why Aruba is unlike any other island in the world, and the island is just waiting to be one’s next destination.


What And Where Is Aruba?

Aruba is a constituent country of the Netherlands just off the coast of Venezuela (so it’s a country in its own right but not fully independent). Officially it is called the Country of Aruba and is one of the few places in the Caribbean where the official language is Dutch (as well as Papiamento – a Portuguese Creole).

  • Capital: Oranjestad
  • Population: 115,000

Aruba is not necessarily quite what one would expect from a Caribbean Island. It has a more dry climate with an arid landscape strewn with cactuses. Here one can expect sunny skies all year with stunning blonde beaches. It is also out of the path of hurricanes.

The island also boasts some of the best wreck diving in the Caribbean and is a population location for cruise ships to call into.

Horseback Riding Tour Of Aruba

Many of the tours in Aruba are tailored for those coming by cruise ship. One great option for an onshore activity is to take a horseback riding tour of Aruba. The Gold Mine Ranch offers regular morning rides that include free pick-up. They are the only ranch on the island that takes guests on a horseback experience to beaches on the North-East coast and the Hidden Valley and Hidden Lagoon.

  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Cost: $85.00
  • Tour Time: 10.30 am

The tour lasts for two hours and includes pick up / drop off from one’s hotel or cruise terminal in Oranjestad.

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Kite Surfing Experience In Aruba

Aruba offers fun tours on land (like horseback riding), in the water (like diving), and on the water – like kite surfing. Aruba Active Vacations is one of the companies that offer kitesurfing experiences and is the oldest kiteboarding school on the island. For the learners, they offer tutoring experiences so that everyone can enjoy this thrilling sport.

  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Cost: $125.00
  • Age: 15 And Over

The experience includes free pick-up and is for people aged 15 years old and over. Guests will be using the latest model of Cabrinha Kite Equipment. The package includes 2 hours of instruction and a non-alcoholic drink.

ATV Tours Of Aruba

Another way to explore the island is by an ATV tour. Around Aruba Tours has a selection of ATV tours of the picturesque island. Their 4-hour ATV tour really opens up the interior of the island. Many of the untapped destinations on the island require an ATV to visit.

  • Duration: 4 Hours
  • Single Seater: $120.00
  • Double Seater: $160.00
  • Included: Pick up / Drop off, Bandana, Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • Tour Times: 9.00 am and 2.30 pm
  • Tour Days: Monday to Sunday

The ATV tour is adventurous and thrilling, with stops at the island’s largest exotic animal sanctuary, Philip’s Animal Garden. There are plenty of other interesting stops along the way like the Alto Vista Chapel, Baby Bridge, Bushiribana Ruins, Wariruri Beach, Natural Bridge, Shark Bay, Andicuri Beach, Three Bridges, Black Stone Beach, Boca Pool with Cliff Jumping, the Ayo Rock Formation.

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Romantic Sunset Sailing Tours In Aruba

Aruba is the beautiful Caribbean, and so everyone needs to take a sailing tour around the island. The Red Sail Aruba has a romantic sunset sailing tour with an excellent Caribbean buffet dinner on a luxurious catamaran. On board, enjoy their open bar with Caribbean cocktails and the local Balashi beer.

  • Duration: 2.5 Hours
  • Cost: $85.00
  • Time: 5.30 to 8.00 pm

Enjoy a mixed seasonal salad, group with creole sauce or chicken with mushroom in white wine sauce, or their other mouth-watering menu options. Sounds perfect for romantic couples! The Caribbean has seemingly endless stunning destinations to choose from, making choosing very difficult at times!


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