Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre secured what his office described as a groundbreaking agreement with Venezuela to supply bitumen and asphalt to St. Lucia.

St. Lucia Prime Minister’s Official Visit to Venezuela

Official reports show that it was among several agreements reached during Pierre’s official visit to Venezuela last week.

According to a release statement from Pierre’s office, the collaboration regarding bitumen and asphalt would substantially reduce road construction and maintenance costs. The release also noted that the deal would benefit infrastructure development and local contractors. 

Furthermore, it disclosed that the Minister of Infrastructure, Ports, Transport, Physical Development, and Urban Renewal, Stephenson King, would hold further discussions with Venezuelan officials.

Moreover, the Prime Minister’s office revealed that Venezuela has also committed to providing Saint Lucia urea fertilizer to enhance food production and sustainability.

According to several reports, the Minister of Agriculture, Alfred Prospere, will explore new opportunities for collaboration during his upcoming visit to Venezuela.

Saint Lucia and Venezuela also signed a ‘significant agreement’ affirming their commitment to respecting each other’s sovereignty.

Their joint declaration emphasized non-interference in countries’ internal affairs and promoted the Caribbean as a zone of peace.

In addition, both countries formalized an air services agreement.

According to the Office of the Prime Minister, Pierre and his Venezuelan counterparts have outlined a roadmap for future discussions. “In the coming weeks, meetings will explore collaborative opportunities in housing, infrastructure, energy, and more,” it noted


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