On Wednesday, Juan Manuel Teixeira said there are “about 12 requests from international airlines that want to connect with Venezuela, and they will be announced in due course.”

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In an interview for Unión Radio, Teixeira said that, at international level, “the connectivity network has been gradually improving.” He said the designation of airlines, the requirements to be complied with, contracts and authorizations are details to be resolved after two years without connectivity.

The air connection with EuroAtlantic Airways to Portugal has been approved by the Executive, said the president of INAC. So far, Turpial for Venezuela and Satena for Colombia have been authorized, said Teixeira, noting that “little by little it will be announced which ones will be added to the connection.”

The official made reference to the courtesy visit to the country by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). “The important thing about this visit is the interest that international organizations already have in Venezuela, its possibilities and its economic growth”.

The president of the National Institute of Civil Aeronautics (INAC), Juan Manuel Teixeira, informed that there are currently 12 requests from international airlines that want to connect with Venezuela.

According to Teixeira, Venezuela has “an enviable geographical location, our fuel is today the cheapest in the world, we offer advantages in all our airports, which are first-rate because they are located at sea level.”

The President of INAC acknowledged the country’s participation in the 41st session of the IATA General Assembly. Venezuela obtained a seat in the elections to the Permanent Council.

The Expo International Transport Venezuela will be held at the Francisco de Miranda air base, at La Carlota airport, from December 8 to 11, announced Teixeira. Large companies from the public, private, national and foreign sectors will be present at the event, aimed at promoting the sector as a transversal axis of the economy. 


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