Zanzibar is aiming to pull more tourists and travel trade investors to its open travel and tourism investment areas.

Boastful of warm beaches of the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar is set to hold an international tourism summit early next year, aiming to pull more tourists and travel trade investors to its open investment areas.

Branded as “Z – Summit 2023”, this international tourism summit is scheduled to take place from February 23 and 24 next year and has been organized jointly by the Zanzibar Association of Tourism Investors (ZATI) and Kilifair, the leading tourism exhibition organizers in Northern Tanzania.

Zanzibar’s high-level tourism and travel trade business and investment gathering has been organized with the aim of strengthening the growth of the tourism industry on the Island, displaying investment opportunities and to exhibit the Island’s tourism for investors and operators in the sector.

ZATI Chairman, Rahim Mohamed Bhaloo, said that the Z – Summit 2023 will boost the growth of the tourism sector in the islands, targeting to raise the number of tourists booked to visit the island reach 800,000 by 2025.

Mr. Bhaloo noted that the Z-Summit 2023 will also expose the Island’s rich tourist resources combined with marine, culture and historical heritages. The event aims to boost the Island’s aviation sector by attracting more airlines from Africa and the rest of the world to fly there.

Zanzibar had attracted Rwanda’s national airline, RwandAir to launch direct flights between its Kigali hub and the Indian Ocean Island to boost regional and intra-African travel and tourism. Zanzibar depends more than 27 percent (27%) of its annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on tourism.

Mr. Bhaloo said in Rwanda’s capital of Kigali last week that Zanzibar is currently developing into a tourist destination market in Africa and will take the Z-Summit 2023 to observe the opening of a new Airport Terminal.

He said that the main beneficiaries of the summit are tourism service providers, involving stakeholders from various countries in the world where so far ten countries have already requested to participate in the Z-Summit 2023 to be held at the Golden Tulip Airport Zanzibar Hotel.

Mr. Bhaloo said the forthcoming tourism investment gathering would also focus on ways to search then attract new markets that would increase the number of tourists and strengthen the tourist markets from various countries around the world.

Participants to the Z-Summit 2023 including tourist  hotels, resorts and lodges, tour Operators, excursion companies, watersports, tourism suppliers, airlines , commercial banks  and insurance companies.

Other participants are hospitality and tourism Colleges, travel magazines and the media.

Zanzibar is a best destination for boat rides, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, horseback riding, paddling board at sunset, visiting the mangrove forest, kayaking, deep sea fishing, shopping, among other leisure activities.

The African Tourism Board (ATB) will be working jointly with Zanzibar government for the facilitation of the forthcoming Z-Summit 2023, aiming to strengthening tourism development in Africa.

African Tourism Board is a pan-African tourism organization with a mandate to marketing and promoting all the 54 African Destinations, thereby changing the narratives on tourism for the better future and prosperity of the African continent.

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